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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Weekend Wonders

It has been quieter weekend...

...Mr T was away this weekend for work. Usually when he is away, I seem to turn into a junk food eating, untidy and lazy person. However, this time around, I was extremely self controlled. I am unsure where I had a surge of self control, but I cooked myself healthy meals (and cleaned up afterwards). I didn't even sneak in a little treat in my shopping trolley when I went shopping! I cleaned the house and even went a little beyond my 'usual weekly' clean. Stranger things have happened I suppose...

I did do some craft this weekend. I have made up another experimental 'Tupsy Tee' product (which I will show in tomorrow's blog post). I really do need to make up another batch or two of cards, but as mentioned in previous blogs, I have been using my own photos in my card making. On Friday night I frustrated myself as I was looking for the 'perfect' photos for my cards and spent an hour or two, purely browsing my albums on my computer. I felt frustrated as I thought it was a waste of time. I had to leave it and work on another project. Hopefully when I sit down to make them tomorrow, the 'ideal' photo will make itself known to me.

Thanks for looking. I hope that you had a great weekend!

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