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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Up-cycling

'Up-cycling'...it is a bit of a modern word, but it is one that I have taken to...

When you are 'up-cycling' something, you are re-using it in some form to make something more worthy or valuable; to make a better product. Lately, I have been having fun 'up-cycling' t-shirts and turning them into different tops or accessories, hence my theme for this week's inspiration...up-cycling!

Bucket hat by 'Fine Fred'

This gorgeous hat is made out of up-cycled trims and denim. I particularly like the lace trim. The final result is a beautiful hat that has a vintage feel to it. Lovely!

Dog softie by 'Vintage Chenille'

Toys can also be made out of up-cycled fabrics. This little dog is so cute, made out of a pure wool blanket. That would make it extra cuddly! I love the pink bow collar.

 Cassette desk caddy by 'Red Zebra Designs'

It is not purely fabric that can be up-cycled, rather, it can be any item! I think this pen holder appeals to my retro side as I grew up with 'cassettes'. Nothing like waiting for your tape player to fast forward to your favourite song and then needing to rewind because you went to far...yes, patience was more prevalent back then. However, as cassettes are now practically obsolete, what a great way to reuse them in a practical way. This caddy would make a unique gift.

Bag by 'SjSmith'

This bag is made out of a jumper. I love how the original knitting pattern of the jumper is used to make the decorative sides of the bag, complete with buttons. Once again, a very practical idea to something that would have been discarded. That is the beauty of up-cycling...it is also good for the environment as materials are reused to create new and exciting designs.

I hope these ideas inspire you!

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