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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday in the making

I have had a few custom orders to fill lately. Here is one that I recently finished...

This plush duo were designed to welcome a new little arrival to the world. They are based on my 'Jellybean Buddy' idea and are a 'parent' and 'child' set. Blue was a suggested colour, so I worked with that colour with two different shades, making each bird opposite. These little owls are hand stitched out of woollen felt, with all features stitched not glued.

Also finished in my studio is a custom order for a bag tag and another selection of cards. I have also been busy working on my first 'Tupsy Tee'. I hope to show photos of all of these soon...

I have also been chasing up some special gift boxes so that I can start to put together some newborn photography packs as gifts for new parents or for baby showers. Hopefully that can be finalised soon...

Thanks for browsing :)


  1. Very cute and I like the idea of the packs too :)

    1. Thanks Marly! I am looking forward to putting the packs together. So many ideas :)


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