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Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday Thoughts - Now to put it into practice!

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I mentioned in a previous post a blog that I had read that provided me with the inspiration to make handmade gifts for loved ones and friends this year (Click here if you wish to read it again).

Pamela, from 'Majorie Handmade' expressed all different emotions that are evident when giving handmade gifts (which I can totally relate to). In a way, giving handmade gifts is a risky business, as it involves giving such a personal gift. So much time and effort have been poured into it - a gift from the heart. The nagging thought of 'Will they like/appreciate this gift?' raises itself .

However, creating handmade gifts have many benefits. I found a list of reasons why one would bother making or purchasing handmade gifts here. The main reason that was repeated was 'love' - that someone would care so much about someone that they would give up time creating something. Uniqueness, cost, support of local artists, quality and the joy of creation were also some thoughts.

As mentioned in a previous post, organisation is a must in creating handmade gifts, which ended up as one of my problems last year. However, this year I have a calendar which contains important dates, predominantly birthdays of family and friends. I also have highlighted (at least) a two week bracket before these dates, showing me my 'window of creation' to make a card and gift on time. The more birthdays in a short period of time, the more time is given in my 'window of creation'. Time will tell to see if this method assists my organisation.

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