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Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday Thoughts - A variety of uses

I love up-cycling t-shirts by cutting and stitching them into something else. So far I have moulded t-shirts into necklaces, rings, cushions and keyrings. The creation of something new made out of something that is no longer wanted. Not only practical, but good for the environment as often unwanted items are thrown away. These items are often 'one of a kind', unique and stylish in their own right. It has also made me be more aware of items that could be re-purposed or up-cycled.

Therefore, I thought that I would share something that I find quite handy... I use cutlery drainers as pencil holders for the children that I work with. The cutlery drainer is usually segmented which allows me to put pencils in one segment and crayons in another. Pencils, etc are able to easily accessed by the children and if the cutlery drainer has a handle, it makes it easy for children to pick up and carry (eg. from the shelf to the table). An idea if you have pencils or other writing implements that need a home.

Have a great weekend!

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