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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Organisation

Well...Mr T and I have been spending a bit of time going through belongings, sorting, tidying, cleaning and organising. It is amazing how quickly items build up if they are not put away properly or given/thrown away when they are no longer needed. The problem is, when there is a build up of items, it takes time to sort and put away. I am determined to try and keep on top of this problem with some organisation, hence it becomes my inspiration for the week...

Wooden Box by 'The Bushel Box Co"

I love this box as it oozes old time charm as it reminds me of an old style fruit crate. It has a rustic feel about it. Perfect to hold toys, books, bathroom items... the list is endless.

Purse by 'Stalley'

I love the screen printed bird on the front of this purse. It contrasts so nicely with the grey fabric. This purse has a black vinyl backing. This little purse would hold coins and notes quite nicely, but could also house tissues, camera, cards, etc. Lovely!

Glass Dish by 'Marjoram Hot Glass'

I love the shape of this dish - rectangular with a little dip in the middle to prevent items rolling out. I also love the colourful lines and shapes to add decoration. It would be great to hold some snacks on or trinkets that gather.

I hope that this provides you with inspiration!

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