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Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday in the making

My studio has been a hive of production over the past week. Not only have I been busy making up items in readiness for a market that I am attending on the weekend, but I have made two little gifts for birthdays (yes...I am keeping to my handmade gift goal that I set at the beginning of the year). I crocheted a chevron, purple, pale pink and lime doll blanket for my niece. I found a retro crochet pattern, did the Maths (with Mr T's help) to make it smaller and had a go (usually crochet patterns and myself don't mix). The result was a cute and colourful little rug. I have ordered some pure wool and can't wait to try out some crochet ideas.

The trickiest gift to create was one for my husband's birthday -  not in the making, but rather thinking of an idea about what to make. I went with an up-cycled denim wallet/pouch to put coins, cards or electronic bits and pieces in.

I have also designed another up-cycled tee necklace...

This design I have named 'Little Tee'. It is similar to my original 'Climbing Rose' necklace, however, this new design has three strands, rather than five and it has a tied section on the left hand side (as worn). Stitched to the tied section is a singular rose with a bead stitched in the middle. I was motivated to create something for girls to wear or something more smaller and simplistic for women. Therefore this smaller design is more proportional for girls to be able to wear or would be an understated neck piece for a ladies stylish outfit.

On the list:
Lots to do!
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