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Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday in the making

I am slowly getting myself out of holiday mode and starting to rev up productivity once again. I have been experimenting with a few new designs in my 'Tupsy Tee' range. One of these products are... cushions!

These items are created out of up-cycled t-shirts and are designed to be decorative cushions (not sleeping pillows). These motifs were so beautiful that I had to utilise them again. They are also 'one of a kind' as the motifs depend upon the materials I can source.I also have a different cushion design that I am wanting to soon try that will utilise t-shirt lettering. Hopefully I will get a chance to give them a go soon.

I have a market coming up at the end of January, so I am trying to get items made (hence the cushions) for this event. I have also been making personalised key tags, which also utilise up-cycled t-shirts.

In keeping with my crafting goal for 2013 (making handmade gifts for family and friends) I have a couple of birthdays coming up in mid January, so I am busy crafting up some special items for the lovely recepients (photos to come upon completion).

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