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Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday in the making

I can now breathe a sigh of relief...

...over the past few weeks I have been busily making up necklaces, rings and key rings for the 'Bubs2Teens' market which was held on Saturday. There is always a rush in building up stock and admittedly, the market has been my focus rather than re-stocking my store or creating new designs. So now, I can change my focus.

I love creating new colours for my necklace range. A very different colour and texture is 'Sea Sage'...

I made both 'Climbing Rose' necklaces (as above) and 'Little Tee' necklaces out of this colour. It is a blue/green, sea-like colour that has a greyish white pattern added to it. The strands are more ribbon-like in nature compared to other necklaces that I have made and that has been due to the original t-shirt. This 'Sea Sage' necklace is available in my Madeit store.

Other colours that I have created are 'Fairy Floss Pink', 'Lemon Sherbet', 'Cherry Red'... I think it is funny that most of my colours revolve around food!

On the list:
  • A new project
  • Fabric flower headbands

Thanks for viewing!

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