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Saturday, 6 July 2013

A find...

I can't help it... I love shopping! Not necessarily buying a whole heap of things, but rather browsing and looking at all the goodies. I must admit, I love looking at my local Op Shop. They have got to be the best idea out - people are able to donate unwanted items, people are able to pick up unique treasures, reusing items (helps the environment) and the profits got to charity...win/win in my books.

I like to pick up a number of goodies for my crafting, but I do spot items (at bargain prices) for me. I walked by this dress a number of times, each time looking carefully at this item and running it through my hands. I am a colour combination lover (perhaps why I am drawn to fabrics and yarns) and I couldn't help but love the deep purple colour with a gold net pattern and sash. As you can see the rest is history...

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