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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Roses

While Mr T has been away, it has been wonderful to have my parents visit me (as well as their Golden Retriever). I have got them to work - pruning fruit trees, catching up with some ironing and today, they helped by pruning the roses while I did some weeding. As they have joined me this Wednesday, I asked them to think of a theme for this week and to pick a few items. So, this week the chosen theme is ... roses...

Rose necklace by 'Indulge Jewellery'

I love the large silver rose that is the feature of this necklace, teamed with the floral beads. A unique item of jewellery.

Card by 'K.O Creations'

A beautiful card especially for 'mother'. This card even stands up a little as it is an easel card. I love the rosy tones mixed with the brown hues for an antique flavour.

Bangle by 'Two Cheeky Monkeys'

I simply love this item of jewellery! I love the purple rose and I also love the silver, lace work of the bangle base. Gorgeous!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration...


  1. What a great theme.. I love roses & I thank you for including one of my cards amongst such other beautiful works.
    Enjoy the time with your parents, I saw the sketch on your page that you dad was working on, he has loads of talent. Easy to see why your so creative, you have it from both sides xx

    1. Ohh... thanks Kim! I love roses too. We have a number of them in the front garden and they look stunning when they flower in the warmer months. A pleasure to feature your card!


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