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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Weekend Wonders - When the cat is away...

I'm in the midst of tidying up.

Mr T has been away for the weekend and he is due home. Whenever he is away, I get lazy. I tend to stay inside, do the jobs that only 'have to' be accomplished and I cook only the simplest of meals (if at all...I must put those takeaway containers away!). So yes...I admit I get very lazy when the 'cat' is away. The exception is that this 'mouse' likes to play...with her crafty things.

This weekend I have spent a lot of time indoors making headbands, making cards and drawing up designs. The cards, this time around, are to give to friends rather than sell.

It is not that Mr T discourages me from playing with my craft things, in fact, he is quite the opposite. I suppose I have the time to focus on my projects for extended periods of time, rather than feeling like I should be attending to jobs around the house.

Anyway, I can't stay and chat...I have a few more things to put away.

I hope you had a lovely, crafty weekend as well.

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