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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Weekend Wonders - I love colour

Earlier this month I mentioned that I picked up my latest 'stash' - my latest 'block' of colour to work with. I enjoy going to a craft store, finding a beautiful fabric and then spend time matching felt, threads and yarn to the fabric. This 'stash' is quite bright with candy pink, lime green and a lilac colour. Over the weekend I had the chance to visit my local craft shop (yet again) and purchased some plain fabric to match the pink, green and purple so that I can soon begin some headbands.

I also spent time over the weekend keeping my fingers busy with a range of projects and managed to finish a card set using an aqua blue and white patterned paper.

I not only love the colour of the blue, but I also like the simplicity of the pattern. To create the card design I simply cut a rectangle of the patterned paper and mounted it on two rectangles of different shades of aqua. I was going to place a silver sticker outline around the block, but it looked elegant without it. Instead I added a silver 'Happy Birthday' sticker. This set will be added to my MadeIt shop over the weekend.

Whatever your project was over the weekend, I hope you enjoyed that creative time!

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