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Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday - In the making

Was it just a waste of time?

I'm talking about prototypes - practice runs. I had a very crafty weekend but I really don't have anything in my shop to show for it. I made up this lilac headband so that I could add my crochet squares on as embellishments. That all worked fine and I was quite happy with the results.

The next day I thought I would make a few more as I have some lime green and candy pink crochet squares to use as decorations. I also thought that I would make myself a headband to check the sizing.

Well...what a discouragement! I messed up the velcro at the bottom of one of the headbands. The velcro was too skinny and I missed stitching it the first time around. Secondly, I not only did the same trick on my headband, but my headband is fractionally too small. An hour of crafting...gone!

Not really. I have worked out that trial runs/prototypes/practice runs are all important in creating your own designs, especially if they are for others. You don't want to have shoddy or inferior products.

So instead I have learnt a few things. Firstly, I need to change the width of the velcro. Secondly, I need to make the adult headband fractionally longer. It will only make for better quality items in the long run. There we go - lessons learnt. I could always develop a 'seconds bin' at my market stall for bargain hunters that don't mind an awry stitch.

I suppose this is an encouragement to all crafters. Yes, we do make mistakes and yes our designs do not work out as planned, but mistakes only help us to make our crafts better.

Stick with it!

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