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Monday, 3 October 2011

Hello world!

I am creating this blog to share my love of craft with others. I am 'Tupsy' and I enjoy making all types of items which I usually give to others as gifts. I am in the process of developing my own 'shop' where people can purchase my goodies. Stay tuned for its launch.

I particularly like seeing enjoyment on the faces of those that receive my crafted gifts, hence the description of Tupsy Turvy products - 'Little gifts of joy'. I also hope that this blog gives encouragement to others, in their crafting journeys or in life in general, as life is such a blessing.

Today has been a lovely, sunny Spring day. Mr T, my fluffy dog (Tupsqueak) and myself had a chance to be out in the sun and do some gardening. However, I managed to sit down this afternoon and work on some birthday cards. My father's birthday is during this week and I got to work designing some simple but masculine cards.

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