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Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday thoughts - Life without TV

This week has been much different from the week that I experienced last week...

The previous week was spent relaxing, enjoying nature, being with family, crafting and eating...lots! You have no choice but to relax when you are surrounded by this:

This week was spent cleaning up after our time away and planning and programming for the next term of work. I did spend some extra time crafting up some goodies. However, it will be back to the 'busyness' of work very soon. Quite a bit of a contrast.

We have one rule on the houseboat...no media technology (particularly the type that 'blares' at people). Now I have to define this, as there are some 'exceptions'. What I mean, is that we don't have the TV, DVD or radio/music playing (even though they are present on the boat). There is the 'allowance' of computers and mobile phones, however, Internet coverage is pretty patchy. Those that 'need' to find out the football score can bring their own personal radios and find their own space to listen to the game.Hence, sitting down and staring at the TV in the evenings wasn't an option. What did we do?

Well...we had the campfire crackling away on the bank, which we often used to make baked potatoes, damper and my new favourite...fruit crumble. When it got too cold to be around the fire, we retreated inside and played board games/card games. While on the houseboat, these games get a good workout. I know that I have previously blogged about the lessons that children can learn from board games, however, they are great for adults as well. It was great fun to interact with family members, use the brain to try to problem solve and try to develop strategies. It ends up being a highlight of the trip. In the end, the TV is not missed.

Why not pull out a board game or card game from the cupboard and play a few rounds with family or friends?

Have a great weekend!

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