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Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday in the making

It was great to have to extra time to spend on creating...

Whilst away, I finished stitching some dolls together, made a small selection of tutus and finished off my 'Black & White' selection of headbands. It was also great creating with someone else, chatting and crafting. It's always interesting to find out what others do, and to learn a few hints along the way.

As mentioned in my last post, I made up a tutu especially for my niece to check for size and look. I am pleased to say that she liked it and everyone in the room thought it also looked sweet. As we were surrounded by River Red Gums on our holiday, it made a perfect setting for a photo shoot with my niece in her tutu. I was then inspired to make a selection whilst away and add it to the Tupsy Turvy product range. As you can see, they make cute photo props and they are also perfect for imaginative play.

I finally finished off my latest headband selection. I aim to release it on my Facebook page tomorrow, however, here is a sneak peak...

Currently, I am working on the clothes for my latest doll set and I have been inspired to make another item. I visited the craft shop today to purchase supplies to give it a go (I also bought more tulle for more tutus).

I have also had fun taking photos, downloading photos and editing them over the past week. A big thanks to Mr T for introducing me to a new photo editing program.

Love it!

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