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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Sport and Competition

I am beginning this term with the theme of 'The London 2012 Olympics' at work and am feeling very enthused with this topic, hence my inspiration for this Wednesday...

I Spy bag - Sports themed by 'I Spy Designs'

I think these little 'I Spy bags' would be lots of fun. The idea is for little (or big) hands to gently squish the bag in order to see all items 'hidden' inside. It would provide lots of entertainment for little ones when they are required to sit for a length of time (eg. at the doctors, etc).

Bird in the Hand Wooden Game by 'MollydagMade'

This seems like a great game to play with little ones that not only sounds like fun but also helps to foster basic Maths skills. What a bonus!

Fabric Balloon Cover Ball by 'Three Apples'

What a great item to build up coordination skills! This is a fabric cover that has a balloon inside that you blow up and...presto, you have a ball to play with. Great for children that dread balloons due to the noise when they pop.

I hope that these items inspire you also!

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