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Monday, 2 January 2012

Monday - in the making

Today was hot...

I mean scorching hot, blazing sun, 40 plus degrees centigrade. It is not very often that I experience a scorching, Australian, summer day like this as where I live, we may have the odd one or two 'hot' days, but nothing so searing.

What I do like about these hot, summer days (providing that I am in a cool, air conditioned place) is that you can't do much, particularly outside as it is too hot. This means time spent crafting...which I did. Here is the result...

I love the combination of purple and bright green.

So it ended up being a perfect summer day, although the one thing that may have improved it would be to have the cricket on TV, in the background at the same time. Got to love summer!

Happy crafting and stay cool!

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