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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekend Wonders - Handmade Gifts

I've had a couple of birthdays to celebrate this week. It was Mr T's birthday on Thursday and it was my little niece's first birthday the day after. Earlier on this month I decided to get myself organised as I wanted to give both of these special people handmade gifts, and handmade gift often take time to complete.

I ended up deciding to make a Football Bag Buddy as part of Mr T's gift and a sweet 'Emma' headband as part of a gift for my little niece. I also ended up searching throught MadeIt and purchased a perfect little toy for her.

I love receiving handmade gifts. They can be pretty rare in this plastic, fast paced, commercialised society, however, handmade gifts ooze love, time, care and are solidly made. I must say, I consider myself pretty blessed as I have quite a few members of my family who are crafty and often give me homemade/handmade gifts. I also wonder if the reason why handmade gifts are not very common is that they do take time to make and time isn't something that we have a lot of when we are working, looking after family, attending meetings, etc. If time is precious, MadeIt is the perfect site to find gifts. I have chosen a few...

 Play mat by 'Little Poppet by Ali'

Coffee Cuff by 'Monkey and Bee'

Fabric Ring Stacker by 'Velvey and Me'

Happy crafting and have a lovely week!

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