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Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday thoughts - A lovely distraction

I must say that I have been rather distracted by craft this week. In my 'schedule fuelled' mind, I told myself that I would need to start pecking away at some work this week.

Well...I did to an extent.

However, I have been rather distracted by craft. I finished a couple of orders at the beginning of this week. Mr T's and Little Niece's birthdays are next week and so I have been busy making some special little gifts for them.

(Don't tell Mr T, but this is his special gift... a Brisbane Lions Footy bag buddy).

I have also been busy making a few headbands and another set of Cutie Bug hairclips to place in my shop.

I am also itching to get into a few new designs and make some more headbands with a few new materials that were purchased during the week.

Maybe work may need to wait just a little longer...

Have a lovely weekend!

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