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Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday Thoughts - Music, music, music

I love music...

I love singing and dancing to my favourite songs (mind you, I dance at home, not in public). I do enjoy playing musical instruments. I used to play a range of instruments, but in truth I can only play two instruments in a way that resemble music - the piano and flute. I don't have a lot of time to practice and refine these two instruments, however, I do have moments where I sit down and play for half an hour or so.

I do feel a little pressure at the moment as I need to fill in for the pianist in my church band this Sunday. All week I have been practicing the songs and I am pleased to say that they are slowly improving. It is times like these that force me to sit down and practice. Although I am quite nervous, I have loved the opportunity and time to sit at my piano.

Music is a great learning tool for children. Children love singing and dancing to groovy beats and dancing helps with fitness, coordination and gross motor skills. Children can learn concepts through song. I remember learning the name of Jesus' 12 disciples through a song, but there are a lot of songs that teach multiplication, letter sounds, body parts, animals...the list goes on, through songs and chants. Rhyme can be taught with songs, as it is a component of most lyrics of songs. Song also helps vocabulary, speech and memory. Patterns are woven through music, be it rhythmic patterns or repetition of lyrics.

Crank up the stereo and dance around to your favourite songs or find some simple songs that your child can learn...and have fun!

Have a lovely weekend!

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