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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weekend Wonders - In preparation

Ahh...it's the busy end of the term. As an educator, the last half of the term equates to assessment and reporting. Combine that with general weariness from a busy term's worth of work, and it becomes a busy and tiring period of time.

I am very happy to say, that over the weekend I completed my required assessment and reporting. However, the busyness doesn't stop there. Mr T and I are going on a 'camping' holiday. This means working out what to take and packing so that nothing gets left behind. It also means getting the 'little jobs' completed before we go, things like, getting a haircut, organising a haircut for the dog, mowing the lawn, etc. Therefore, this weekend was the first in an attempt to tick some of these jobs off of the list.

Unlike report writing, these jobs build an aspect of anticipation, knowing the fantastic reward at the end. Busy times now, means more relaxation and 'peace of mind' in the end. I will keep working on these 'little jobs'...

Despite the busyness of preparation, I managed to sit down and do some stitching. I have now finished cutting out felt for my two newest dolls, stitched on their facial features and hair and will now begin sewing their limbs. It won't be long and I will be designing and making up clothes for them. I already have a theme and names in mind! I also have been thinking about making up some special skirts which can be used for imaginative play, special occasions and/or photo props. Still an idea at the moment - still nutting out sizing and will need to make a trial run. I will let you know the result.

Have a lovely week!

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