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Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday in the making

As mentioned in the previous post, I visited the local craft shop and bought quite a few metres of soft tulle - the tulle used in dancewear or for bridal veils, not the rough netting type.

Then I spent a bit of time, carefully rolling it up, rather than folding. That was the tricky part...however it has been worth it as I have been working on another project which is quickly taking shape.

I am making ballerina skirts that fit girls. I am about to embark on making more of my ballerina dolls and I thought that I could make larger versions for little girl ballerinas. I have chosen pink for the trial and I am just about finished it. I will show you photos of the finished product soon...

As also mentioned, I am busily making up another doll set which is quickly coming to life. I am about to go on a short break and I am gathering together a few projects that I can take with me that don't require a sewing machine - unfortunately, my newest doll set falls into that category, so that will be a project while I am at home. However, I will be bringing lots of tulle with me and hopefully ballerina dolls and little girl tutus will be the result.

P.S - I apologise for the photo size. My computer is not letting me open my usual photo program and I have resized these photos in a different program. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon!

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