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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thursday Catch Up - Blue Inspirations

Sorry that I didn't post my 'Wonderful Wednesday' yesterday. I simply ran out of time to blog. However, I am catching up today...

One of my favourite colours is blue. It doesn't matter what shade of blue, I love it. I must say, I do have a special hankering for a royal blue and azure as it reminds me of the sky on a bright, clear, sunny day in Australia. I also love aqua or teal as it reminds me of crystal clear water, like in the pictures of beaches in the tropics. For my wedding, I chose a royal blue for the bridesmaids dresses and teamed it up with a bright yellow and gold for decorations and flowers. Lovely 'blue' memories.

I happily scoured the lovely creations in 'Madeit' and found these inspirational blue creations...

Crochet Bag by 'Lollipops and Love'

Isn't this the sweetest little girl's accessory. I love crocheted and knitted creations! The stitches look so neat and I love the powdery blue colour of the yarn, teamed with the pink and white flower.

Dog Collars by 'The Crafty Possum'

I know that there are other colours here, but there is a blue collar in the picture. I love 'The Crafty Possum's dog collars. I bought one for my little dog. Not only do they look great, but they are well made and very sturdy. I particularly like the clip that makes it easy to take the collar on and off when you want to give pooch a bath. 'The Crafty Possum' makes a range of stylish collars.

Button Brooch by 'Monkey and Bee'

Some fabrics have the most beautiful patterns! I love the aqua blue flowers on this fabric, teamed with green and orange - super contrasting colours. 'Monkey and Bee' have used this fabric to make a button brooch, to wear this gorgeous design all the time.

I hope that these items have also inspired you!

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