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Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday thoughts - Let's Play!

This week at work we have started a new theme - Toys and Games...

Games are a fantastic teaching tool for children. They are a fantastic medium for teaching specific skills (eg. Spelling skills, counting skills, etc) and children enjoy playing games. They are also a great way to teach children social skills - turn taking, playing fairly, following rules and instructions and being a gracious winner and loser.

I used a number of games this week to teach Mathematical concepts. One of the games was a 'Concentration' or memory game to help with matching numerals to number words. I had cards that had numbers 1-10 on them and cards with the words 'one' to 'ten' on them. The children mixed up the cards, faced down and turned two cards over. If the number and the number word matched, the child kept the pair and had another turn, otherwise they turned the cards back over and it is their partner's turn.

Another game was a 'Cover up' game. Each pair of children had a game board that had numerals, amounts and number words on them (1-6). One child rolled the dice and placed a counter on the board that matched the number on the dice, either the numeral, word or amount. Then it was their partner's turn. It proves easy in the beginning, but once the board begins to be covered up, it is more difficult. If a child cannot place a counter on the board, due to their number being 'covered up', they miss their turn and it is their partner's turn.

Have a fun weekend!

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