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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Inspired by coffee

What a busy week...

I've had deadlines to meet at work regarding assessment (and that has been on top of 'normal' work). Mr T has been away at times over the past couple of weeks, which creates a 'busyness' as I assume his household chores while he is away. Plus, I've wanted to keep progressing with my craft projects despite the shortness of time. Throw in meetings, sport, etc and time is quickly eaten away.

Time to sit down and relax with a coffee. I love coffee...the taste and the smell! Coffee shops and cafes are one of my favourite places to unwind. Therefore, this Wednesday I am inspired by these coffee themed crafts:

Coffee Cuff by 'Monkey and Bee'

I love these coffee cuffs by 'Monkey and Bee'. Not only are they cleverly made, but they are also a great idea to save fingers from hot, takeaway coffee cups. I have given one or two of these away as gifts to coffee loving family members. The way that I am drinking coffee, I may need one of these myself!

Fridge Magnets by 'Badge Bliss'

I thought this was a cute little magnet set with a coffee theme. I love the 'vintage' look. This would make a lovely little gift for a coffee loving friend.

Coffee Cup by 'Hey Emmaline'

Finally, something to drink nice, hot coffee out of...a mug. This mug is hand decorated. I like the uniform blue hearts. What perfect sizing and spacing!

I hope that you have time to sit down and relax with a cuppa!

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