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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weekend Wonders - A market, Mum and marking

This weekend ended up being quite a busy weekend...

Our church held a fair on Saturday morning. I ended up looking after the plant stall and despite the cold weather and the showers that passed through on occasion, it was an enjoyable experience. It was great to meet new people and even though plants aren't my most knowledgable area, we sold most of the stock that was donated. It was wonderful how a group of people all pull together and pitch in to put this event on - from looking after stalls to making, baking and creating all the items to be sold. A mammoth effort!

Sunday, was a funny type of day. Unfortunately, I am not a mother, so Mother's Day triggers a variety of emotions for me. However, my main focus is my thankfulness to be blessed with such a loving, caring and nurturing mother, that I still love to chat to. My parents live some distance away and I don't always see them, so I try and pass my love onto them on such a day as this, through phone and post (although I must admit that my mother's gift will be a little late...). Sometimes,I think it would be great to take Mum out for lunch, etc like some other people do, however, distance does not permit us to do that.

For me, work has its pressures for the next five weeks or so, and some time was spent today catching up on some assessment work. I try and limit the time that I spend on work on the weekend, but weekdays don't contain enough time unfortunately. However, I make sure that I have time to switch off and relax. I enjoyed spending some time today knitting and also continuing my next doll. Limbs are currently being attached and then I can focus on the costume. I will show a sneak peak tomorrow...

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

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