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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Leave your hat on

The weather is turning icy as we progress through Autumn and head towards Winter. It is time to pull out the Winter woollies or purchase some new Winter accessories.

During the week, my talented sister-in-law created a gorgeous hat perfect for the cooler weather.

This in turn is my inspirational theme for today. Take a look at these gorgeous hats...

'Plushka' is one of my favourite designers. I admire the originality of her designs and I also admire the care that she puts into each of her items. Her talent is amazing - she not only crochets, but she makes adorable little items using cross-stitch and hand stitches the cutest felt toys.

I love the style of this beanie! So casual, but also stylish. 'Baboom' has a variety of types of slouch beanies, but I particularly like the colour of this one and the wide, rib band. It would definitely keep your head warm on cool days.

Have fun and I hope you keep warm if it is cool where you are!

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