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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Parties and patchwork

Surprises...my favourite! I am the blessed recipient of two surprises this week. Firstly, a surprise gift from Christine at 'Monkey & Bee', a beautiful patchwork bookmark. Christine makes the most fabulous patchwork goodies. I particularly like her pincushions, coffee cuffs and coasters. When this total surprise landed in my post box, I was thrilled!

Secondly, I won a garland from 'Ben & Jess'. I have admired Ben & Jess' party goodies for awhile, so when the opportunity arose to win a gorgeous garland made by Tracey, I had to enter. I was totally thrilled to be the lucky winner. I chose a blue and yellow colour scheme and the end result is stunning! It is going to be hung, pride of place, in my craft making area.

To celebrate the generosity of these two lovely ladies, I thought I would show my favourites out of their products. Please go and check out these goodies for yourselves. I am sure you won't be disappointed!

And if you are wondering what my goodies looked like, I have also added some photos...

My bookmark from 'Monkey & Bee'

My garland by 'Ben & Jess'

Thank you SO much Christine and Tracey!


  1. Hi Jen, So glad you liked the garland I made for you and thanks so much for the mention! Tracey.

  2. Hi Tracey,
    I love your party goodies! Thanks for the pressie and the promotion of this blog! Xx Jen.


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