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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Time to eat

I've had one of those weeks that has been busier than usual. When things 'busy' up, it is more convenient to take short cuts, particularly with food, hence the takeaway containers seem to pile up.

One good point is that tonight we met up with some friends that we haven't caught up with for ages and shared a very yummy meal with them. Food for the body and food for the heart, rekindling friendships and sharing memories.

Therefore, this week, I thought that I would pick some food oriented inspiration...

This is where I wish that I had pierced ears. These chocolate heart earrings look so realistic and delicious. They would make a perfect gift for a friend (or treat yourself).

Kids Meal Soaps by 'Bubble Lane'

Believe it or not, this meal is actually made out of soap. 'Bubble Lane' make the most realistic soaps concerning food including cakes, biscuits, donuts... but they also make other items including lego, pebbles, teddies... you name it!

Tea towel by 'Kookery'

After doing a bit of browsing on Madeit, I came across 'Kookery'. This sounds like a great shop if you have a passion for cooking and linen. 'Kookery' has simple but gorgeous images and quotes on their tea towels. This tea towel particularly took my fancy, as no-one can have too much ice-cream! I will keep this store in mind for the 'foodie' lovers that I know.

I hope these items inspire your gift giving and creativity!

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