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Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday Thoughts - Traffic Light Cakes

I feel very blessed to live where I do...

I live in a regional centre in Southern Australia. It has all the shops that you need. I can drive from one side to the other in around 10-15 minutes, compared to some cities where it can take an hour or so to cross the city. Some people may argue that the weather here gets rather wet and cold over the Winter...but I love it. We end up getting a beautiful mild Summer, as opposed to the searing heat that I grew up with.

This week, the children that I work with and myself have been focusing on what makes up our community. We had a 'fun day' during the week, where the children dressed up as someone who works in the community. There were quite a few doctors, a police officer, a waitress, a forestry worker, a transport inspector, just to name a few. We also made some 'Traffic Light Cakes'.

What is needed:
  • sponge cake
  • icing sugar
  • baking cocoa
  • colourful candy coated chocolate buttons (I picked out red, orange and green coloured buttons)
  • popsticks
What to do:
  • Cut the sponge cake into rectangles. We cut ours into rectangles approximately 8cm x 5cm (adult supervision is required for this step).
  • Mix around 2 cups of icing sugar with 1/4 cup of cocoa with enough warm water to make an icing paste that can be easily spread on the rectangles of cake.
  • Place one red, one orange and one green button on top of the icing.
  • Insert a popstick into one of the short sides of the rectangle for the 'post' of the traffic light. Note: the popstick is not a handle as the cake may fall off.
  • The 'traffic light' is now complete.

The children loved making these and this activity is quite easy for five year old children to do. They can spread the icing, add the buttons and insert the popstick.

Yum, yum! Have a lovely weekend!

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