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Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday thoughts - Making a 'camera'

It has been a big week...

This has been due to the fact that my little ones had a concert to perform in. We have been practicing 'The Wheels on the Bus' for weeks, with altered words. On our bus, we had babies, parents, crafters (had to throw that one in *smile*) and tourists (and of course the bus driver). What do tourists do? They take photos - click, click, click.

Hence my tourists needed cameras in order to take their 'photos'. This is how we went about it...

We started with a cardboard box (snack biscuit box size) and carefully turned it 'inside out' (so that the colourful exterior became the interior) and re-taped it together. This helps with painting, so that the colourful packaging isn't seen through the paint. We painted the box black or grey and we also painted a lid black also.

When the paint was dry, I stuck a circle of kitchen foil (bigger than the lid) in the middle with double sided tape. I also taped a square of kitchen foil in the top right hand side corner (for a 'flash'). I stuck some kitchen foil in the middle of lid, to finish off the lens.

I used double sided tape once again to stick the lid to the middle of the foil circle. I used a craft knife to carefully cut small holes to each side of the box and I threaded a length of ribbon through the holes (long enough to go around a child's neck, as this becomes the 'camera strap'). To finish, knot the ribbon.

The camera is then ready to snap up some 'photos'. These cameras were perfect (and easily made) for the 'tourists' in our concert item. They would also be perfect for imaginative play. You and your little one could go on a 'photoshoot' together. You could model taking photos of the garden or park, pointing out flowers and bugs that would be perfect in photos. The bonus is that you can 'really' take photos of your little one being a photographer. Beautiful memories!

Have a lovely weekend!

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