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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend Wonders

My body is entering relaxation mode...

 I ended up finishing work on Friday, snuggled into the recliner and slept for an hour. It has been a busy term and a busy weekend, with dinner out with work colleagues on Friday night and attending a 50th birthday party last night.

However, as part of relaxation, I managed to get into some craft projects. I finished making the teddy bear that I have been working on lately. I will post up some photos tomorrow once I have finished making a matching headband for her new owner.

I spent yesterday afternoon making cards, as I needed a special card for the birthday boy whose party we were attending. I ended up making another two as I would like to have a box of cards at my next market.

It has been showery again today, but Mr T and I managed to get outside for a little bit, to finish some pruning before the warm weather is more constant. Asparagus is in full swing and I have enjoyed picking green, juicy spears. House cleaning is on the list for tomorrow...

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

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