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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Thoughts - Road Trip

It is school holiday time at the moment and it is a time when families choose to get away from it all and go on a road trip to a relaxing and peaceful location. This is the first break, in a while, that Mr T and myself are not travelling great distances and we are enjoying 'staying put'.

 With improvements in technology, cars are now equipped to make travelling long distances much more comfortable with improved seating, stereo, air conditioning/heating, better suspension...and now DVD players to entertain the kids in the back. Now, there is nothing wrong with this latest technology, but it got Mr T and myself thinking about our own travelling as children and what our families did to entertain 'the kids' in order to combat the complaining or restlessness that it brings.

This is what we came up with:
  • Books - picture books, novels, magazines.
  • Travel games - specially designed games with little pieces that used magnets or velcro to 'stick' to the board. Games included 'noughts and crosses', checkers, etc.
  • Eye Spy - develop a list of possible items that you could see (eg. a tractor, a blue car, a car that has a number plate starting with 'S', a stop sign, etc). When travelling along, when a passenger spots one of the items on the list, they get a point. Person with the most points, wins.
  • Car cricket - Choose colour cars to provide 'runs' and 'out' (eg. a white car=1 run, a yellow car=4 runs, a blue car=6 runs, a red car=out). The first passenger has their turn and is up to 'bat', calculates runs when the chosen cars are seen, however, when the 'out' car is spotted, that passenger is out and the next passenger is up to bat.
  • Sing-a-long - Choose favourite songs to sing-a-long to (with or without music).
  • Hand/finger puppets - to stimulate imaginative play.
(Of course, all of these ideas are purely for the passengers {ie. not the driver} in the car and need to be played with the safety and concentration of the driver in mind).

If you are travelling, take care...Have a lovely weekend :)

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