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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Red & White Inspiration

It is a big weekend in Australia, this coming weekend...

It is the Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final. I must admit, I am a sports fan and I am looking forward to this event. This is not purely because of the excitement and hype that a game like this brings, but also because Mr T and I are driving to a special Grand Final party and catching up with family. I can't wait!

The teams in this year's Grand Final are Hawthorn Hawks and Sydney Swans. I personally would like to see the 'Swans' win the gold cup (not purely Mr T's persuasion). I can't help but look at the colour combinations of the uniforms. The 'Hawks' have a retro combination with gold yellow and brown, whereas the 'Swans' are red and white. Since I am 'cheering on the red and the white' this Saturday, this colour combination provides me with inspiration this week...

Necklace by '2 Favourite Girls'

I love this beaded necklace! I love the choice of round shell beads that are interspersed by smaller red beads. Very effective in this dual wrap, however, it would still look stunning as a single, long necklace. It would make a stylish accessory.

Cushion Cover by 'Little bit me'

I love the way that the red and white fabrics border this printed image. 'Little bit me' hand print their images. Clever and practical. Would look lovely on a sofa or on a bed, to brighten the room.

Baby Shoes by 'Buster Boo'

Aren't these so sweet! I love the white rain drops on the red background and the button closure. They look soft, and comfortable. They would make a lovely gift for a new baby.

Dog Collar by 'The Crafty Possum'

I love the paw print band on this collar! It would make a stylish and sturdy accessory for your pooch. My little dog has a collar from 'The Crafty Possum' and it is sturdy, looks good and is also easy to unclip for grooming purposes.

I hope that these items provide you with some inspiration!

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