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Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday in the making

During the week, I made it a priority to make some special cards to give to my father and father-in-law. I have been loving my photo editing program and I experimented with adding a photo of my father and father-in-law to their cards to make them personal. Here is the result (bearing in mind that I have pixelated the photos of the 'Dads')...

I loved the brown tones of the patterned paper and the 'father' definition. I found a matching brown border to add as a feature in the middle. I used lettering stickers to create 'DAD'. I photo edited photos of my father and father-in-law, adding an antique effect and sepia tone (not because the 'Dads' are antique, but rather to match the brown tones of the card).

I have been designing a toy for a showcase to raise money for hearing impaired children. I have decided to make a teddy bear, using non-pill polar fleece for the body. She will wear a pink floral dress with bright pink highlights. Presently, I have sewn up the limbs ready for stuffing (this teddy will be machine sewn) and I have hand stitched the facial features on. I hope to show some photos of this creation soon (if she works out)...

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