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Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday thoughts - Peacock Drawing

It has, once again, been a busy week at work. We have been busy finishing off tasks, but it has also been a week of creativity, as we have watched a musical performed by students at our school and we spent some time practicing our drawing skills. This idea was inspired by 'Art projects for kids'.

This was a fantastic activity as it was simple enough for my little ones and it looked fabulous. This activity incorporated a number of educational aspects including:
  • Balance to the eye - there were aspects of symmetry involved.
  • Line - control in drawing and adding line detail to the feathers.
  • Shape - drawing circles and a semi-circle.
  • Colour - experimenting with water colours.
  • Experimenting with a number of art media - pencil, crayon, water colour.
  • Fine Motor skill practice - practice controlling a pencil.
  • Fun! - it was a fun activity with effective results. It was achievable for little ones. My students had no idea they were practicing the above skills!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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