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Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday in the making

I have got quite a list of projects that I want to accomplish and it ended up being a very week. My top priority, though, was to develop an idea of what to create for my father and father-in-law for Fathers Day. The next part was squeezing time to create. Here is the final product (WARNING: Mum - as this pressie is not yet in the post, maybe not show Dad this post. Mr B - you might want to avoid this post for a while as well *smile*)...

I was inspired by a post by The Silly Pearl blog to create a BBQ tool bag and a matching towel that can hang on the BBQ to wipe greasy hands on. My job tonight (hopefully) is to make a couple of 'Thanks Dad' cards.

Even though this week was a little mad, I thought it was important to create homemade gifts for our Dads. I first started 'Tupsy Turvy Designs' because I love making gifts to give to others and wanted to help others to do the same, however, due to 'busyness', my poor family sometimes don't receive gifts made by me. I didn't think that was right, therefore, I am working to hard to make sure my family still receive handmade gifts.

Other items that are on my list:
  • A poodle bag tag - a custom order that I can't wait to design and make.
  • A teddy - an item for a showcase that is raising money for charity. I have the design in my mind, just need to get down the details and make it up. More information about this showcase, coming soon...
  • Tupsy Tees - I would love to spend some time altering pre-loved T-shirts to make them wearable art.
  • Gift packs - containing tie headbands and plush banners.
Have a lovely week!

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