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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Spring Inspirations

As I type this post, it is absolutely blowing a gale outside and pelting with rain. We did see the sunshine over lunch time (a bit of a tease, really) however, those big, grey clouds are visiting once again...

Despite the wintry feel, we have now hit September and it is officially Spring. We had a lovely, sunny, warm day yesterday, which ignites a spark of hope of warmer weather to come, hence my inspiration for this week...

Floral skirt by 'Annie Georgina'

This skirt is stunning! I love the diagonal rows of bright, spring flowers. It looks great matched with a white T-shirt. 'Annie Georgina' also have some other beautiful spring skirts and dresses in their store, just the outfit to wear when the weather warms up.

Set of 3 Tinker Tools by 'Monkey & Bee'

I have been a big fan of Monkey & Bee and their Coffee Cuffs, but have a look at another of their products - Tinker Tools. Made in this gorgeous, flower fabric, these tools would be ideal for a little one to help with the odd jobs around the house for Spring cleaning. A great gift idea!

Set of 3 Cards by 'One Craftee Mumma'

Gorgeous flowers do signal the start of Spring and I love the flowery pattern on these cards. Simple, but beautiful little cards that would be perfect for a hello, birthday or to match a present.

I hope that these items provide you with some Spring inspiration!

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