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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekend Wonders

I am back...

Mr T and I were away at a two day conference for work, hence no 'Friday thoughts' for last week. However, I thought that I would add a few ideas about what I learnt at the conference to my 'Weekend Wonders'.

Firstly, we had an ex-footballer, coach and educator speak to us in order to encourage us in the job that we are doing. One of the points that I did take away with me (and is also a source of encouragement with my 'other life' in craft) is the importance of having an 'outlet' from work. As an educator, it is very easy to work 24/7 as there is always something that needs to be done. Being able to switch off from work helps with personal health and rest. He also mentioned about taking time out to encourage others, either as a mentor or write a note of encouragement. In a world of 'what is in it for me?', looking out for others and helping them out seems to be a fading art. It is a nice reminder to boost someone up and spend time with others. Who doesn't like some kind words now and then?

Secondly, we had a former Paraolympian share with us her journey and issues that she had to deal with. She also shared her determination and sources of inspiration with us. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with life, but focusing on the blessings that are showered on us, help to refocus, from the negative to the positive.

It has been great to spend some time processing the information that was shared in the conference and also to recover from travelling. It has also been a glorious, sunny day today. I did get a little chance to get outside, however, I must admit, I have been catching up a bit on work today. I did, though, manage to spend some time last night designing, cutting out and started to sew a new little item. I hope to show the final product soon.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

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